The Internet Responds with Funny and Angry Memes to the Outrageous PS4 Price in Brazil

October 17, 2013

Normally most of the rather caustic next generation memes you find on the internet are about the Xbox One, but that changed at least in Brazil since this morning, when Sony Computer Entertainment announced the frankly outrageous price of the PS4 in the country, R$ 3,999, that translates to $1,884.

When things like this happen, people take to Photoshop and start creating memes. This event definitely wasn’t an exception, so here’s a selection of the hundreds that are popping up from sunny Brazil, with my translation since most of them are in Portuguese.

“This is Niko Bellic that wants to buy a PS4 in Brazil”


“This is Niko Bellic after learning the price of  the PS4 in Brazil”

“The Brazilian PS4 is so costly that it gave me cancer”

“You have died of the price of PS4 in Brazil”

“The PS4 has been announced! Now I can finally buy a PS3!”

This is the first of the many involving Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff, as taxes are seen as one of the main causes of the high price.

“This PlayStation 4 is cool. I’ll tax it only 59%”

“Vegeta, what’s the price of PS4 in Brazil?”

“It’s over 4,000!”


“Now I’m ready to buy my PS4”

“PS4 Fund”

“I’ll remember those boos when it’ll be time to put a price on PS4”

“PS4 ostentation”

“PS4 ostentation”

“PS4 for R$ 4,000! Give me the money!”

“My reaction after seeing the price of the PS4 in Brazil”

“With 4,000 Real, I’ll make my own show!”

“Fuc*ed up”

“My PS4, My Life”

“I don’t have that kind of money, man” “Eike Batista (former richest man in Brazil) on the price of PS4 in Brazil”

“Debit card or credit card sir?”

“Nice sh*t” “Ostentation”

“(Gather seven PS4 and…) Shenron appears!”

Giuseppe Nelva

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