The Invincible is a Gorgeous Sci-Fi Thriller From Starward Industries

The Invincible is a Gorgeous Sci-Fi Thriller From Starward Industries

The Invincible is an upcoming Sci-Fi thriller from Starward Industries, a small team made up of former devs from CD Projekt Red and Techland.

The Invincible is a brand new Sci-Fi thriller from Starward Industries, a team made up of several former CD Projekt Red and Techland devs. The game takes one of polish author Stanislaw Lem’s works and adapts it to the virtual world. The retro-future aesthetic is stunning and has me more than excited to see more of this 2021 game. Give the screenshots a look below.

In The Invincible, players will take on the role of a scientist stranded on an alien planet. You’re trying to track down the rest of your crew while working to survive a hostile landscape. Interestingly, the devs are saying the non-linear story is shaped by your actions and choices. Which means this is probably a looser adaptation of Lem’s novel than you might have assumed upfront. That said, it’s awesome to see a team taking on a property that has a little less fanfare.

It sounds like that’s going to be Starward’s whole thing. In an interview with Gamesradar, CEO and former CD Projekt Red producer Marek Markuszewski talked about how the team wants to “develop new IP based on locally recognized series of novels.” That, of course, fits right in with The Invincible. Hopefully, moving forward, we’ll continue to see excellent, lesser-known works spotlighted.

Of course, first The Invincible has to be successful. Obviously, it’s too early to really tell how the game will launch. However, these early screens have me excited. I’m always up for a space thriller, especially when they’re this nice to look at.

The Invincible plans to launch sometime in 2021 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.