The iPhone Gets “Samuel L. Jacksonized”

on January 11, 2010 2:27 PM

When you know you can not live without saying “I’ve had it with these motherf-ing snakes on this motherf-ing plane”, you know Samuel L. Jackson inspired you. Who hasn’t he inspired? I loved all his movies, even Soul Man. That filth mouthed celebrity makes us all feel warm inside, and now he can be right in your iPhone with a new application called iSamJackson. Don’t get confused with I Am Sam, which I thought was a horrible movie; this application brings the best of Samuel L. Jackson, in quotes, readings, and just stuff he has to say everyday that makes others around you question your sanity.

Made by Heatwave Interactive, the application comes with a customizable soundboard. It comes with quotes that you can whip out in any conversation, like what we did when we were kids when we made fake celebrity phone pranks. This time it seems more fun and convenient. A personality scanner was added, with the scan of your thumbprint, Mr. Jackson can tell you what he thinks of you. I preferably want him to tell me “F off”, for that will make my day. Sure you don’t have to hear him say that, if some people out there are offended with what he says. You can change the uncensored version to a censored version, making Samuel L. Jackson more dull. More is to come on its way for this application, with the MMO pack already out, and a new Pick Up Line pack coming soon. It is only 2.99 for the application, and for that price, I believe it is totally worth it.