The Italian Branch of Nintendo Organizes Gaming Classes… For Moms

The Italian Branch of Nintendo Organizes Gaming Classes… For Moms

You definitely don’t see something like this every day: in partnership with SPAEE (the Psychology of Learning and Education Service of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan) the Italian branch of Nintendo is organizing two classes about gaming for a very peculiar target: Mothers.

The classes, titled “Videogiochi e Mamme: mi intendo di Nintendo (DS e 3DS)?! – La gestione del rapporto tra videogiochi e figli” (a rather lenghty title that can be translated as “Video games and Mothers: am I an expert of Nintendo (DS and 3DS)?!  –  handling the relationship between games and children”), will be held on December the 1st an the 6th in Milan. Access will be free for everyone.

Both classes will be held by a team from Nintendo and Manuela Cantoia, professor of general psychology of the university mentioned above. 

The purpose of the project is to spread awareness about gaming, giving parents the tools to do their parenting job correctly and the technical knowledge necessary to handle their children’s gaming habits. The classes will address the pros, cons, fears and doubts of parents about gaming. Attendees will also be instructed on how the DS and 3DS work, and about their security and parental control features.

The project is labeled as a pilot, so it might be expanded in the future, and maybe extended to other countries in which Nintendo operates.

If you happen to be in Milan during the days in which the classes will be held and want to attend, they will be from 5 PM to 6:30 PM at the Mediateca Santa Teresa on Via Santa Teresa 28.