The Last Campfire Gets a Moving Trailer at The PC Gaming Show

The Last Campfire from Hello Games continues to turn heads at today's PC Gaming Show.

The Last Campfire was originally revealed back at 2018’s iteration of The Game Awards. The upcoming game from No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is much smaller in scope but aims to pack an emotional punch. The short, narrative-driven experience launches later this summer on the Epic Game Store. Give the latest trailer a watch below.

The Last Campfire looks absolutely gorgeous. The visuals are crisp and I really love the art design. It certainly looks like Hello Games is taking a massive detour from their last hit. Not that they can’t pull it off. I mean, they went from the Joe Danger series to No Man’s Sky. If anyone can pivot successfully, it’s them.

That being said, this is one of the first time’s the studio has really looked to get into story-telling as the focus. In Joe Danger, it was more about wacky fun and No Man’s Sky is a very systems-based game. Obviously, those games had a story, but it was never firmly at the forefront.

It’s pretty neat to see a studio like Hello Games continue to take risks. You could maybe forgive them if they didn’t, considering how much backlash No Man’s Sky got on release. But this is a studio that is more than willing to step out of its comfort zone. That’s something I’ll always respect in an industry filled with sequels.

The Last Campfire is set to launch on PC later this summer via The Epic Game store. It should also be coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One around the same time. No word yet on next-gen consoles, but you have to assume the game will make that jump as well.

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