Sony Releases Another Emotional The Last Guardian Commercial: One Day to Go

Sony Releases Another Emotional The Last Guardian Commercial: One Day to Go

Sony Interactive Entertainment is keeping up the steady stream of The Last Guardian count-down commercials, and today they released the “one day to go” one, since in Japan it’s already the 5th.

Like the previous ones, it attempts to strike an emotional chord. Two convenience store employees are arranging fresh copies of Famitsu on the stands (in Japan you can find newspapers and magazines in convenience stores), and one notices that the cover is about The Last Guardian. 

He mentions that the game was announced seven years before, but it’s really coming out at last. While his younger colleague doesn’t really understand, he wonders if maybe he should give the magazine more prominence, placing it on the upper shelf of the stand instead of the lower one.

The younger colleague mentions that if the manager gets angry she knows nothing about it, giving the older one a complicit smile. Yet, as soon as the magazine displayed, a customer comes  in, and is surprised by seeing The Last Guardian, immediately reaching out for a copy.

It’s almost surreal that we’re just two days away (or one day if you’re in Japan) from the release of The Last Guardian. We all came a long way since the announcement, and at times I’m sure almost everyone doubted that we’d ever see it running on our consoles. Yet, it’s coming, and it’s real.

You can watch it at the bottom of the post. This is the fifth of a series of commercials, and you can watch the first the second, the third and the fourth (which is in my opinion the best so far).