The Last Guardian Dragged Out From Limbo by Former Sony Producer

The Last Guardian Dragged Out From Limbo by Former Sony Producer

Fumito Ueda’s The Last Guardian has been in limbo for a long time, with SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida mentioning several times that it’s in development, but giving no further details, and fans expecting it to pop up at basically every major industry event.

Yesterday former Executive Producer Yasuhide Kobayashi, who has worked at Sony Computer Entertainment basically from the outset, also serving as head of The Last Guardian‘s development before moving on to a new job at Smile Connect E! dragged the title kicking and screaming out of limbo.

During a livestream from the Tokaigi Japan Game Party 2015 to commemorate his career and the 20th year of PlayStation, when asked to write some beloved words for the fans, Kobayashi-san picked up his marker and pulled up a piece of paper with “Hitokui no Owashi Toriko,” which is The Last Guardian‘s Japanese title, written on it.

Asked the reason for the choice he explained:

Everyone loves these words too, isn’t it? Truly, I wonder when it’ll be time. I want it to be soon.

That caused a rather astonished reaction from Sony’s promoter Yasuhiro Kitao, who was acting as host. He replied “don’t ask me anything please!” reiterating that it’s indeed a title everyone is looking forward to, and that it’s in development, as it was previously announced.

At this stage, it’s hard to predict when Sony will finally pull The Last Guardian out from its hat. All we can do is to wait and keep hoping.