The Last Guardian Gets $20 Price Drop Across Retail and Digital

The Last Guardian Gets $20 Price Drop Across Retail and Digital

The highly-anticipated and acclaimed PS4 exclusive The Last Guardian is seeing a permanent $20 price drop at retailers and on The PlayStation Store.

After years of anticipation and waiting, the long-in-development The Last Guardian finally was put into the hands of gamers on PS4 last year, with the title now available at a $20 discount for those that have yet to experience the epic and emotional journey.

The Last Guardian has seen a new price drop to $39.99 for both physical and digital copies of the game, with the drop seeming to be of a permanent (rather than temporary) nature.

Currently, the price drop is in effect digitally for the game on the PlayStation Store, while retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop are also showing the new price in effect for physical copies of the game. It’s a bit of a surprise since the game debuted less than two months ago, but still a great offer for those that haven’t dived into the game just yet.

The Last Guardian launched in December of last year for PS4 after a tumultuous development cycle of nearly ten years. Originally, the game was being developed as a PS3-exclusive from creator Fumito Ueda of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, though development shifted to PS4 after numerous complications, with the game eventually being re-revealed to the world at E3 2015 and confirmed for PS4.

Since its release, the title has garnered favorable reviews despite some concerns that the title wouldn’t live up to its lengthy development cycle, other than some issues its been critiqued for such as its camera and controls.

The Last Guardian is available now for PS4 – for more of our thoughts on the game, you can check out our full review from Giuseppe, who awarded the game a 9.0 score. As I’m playing the game myself currently, you’d definitely be missing out on an emotional and unique experience, and the price drop is a great excuse to try out the game on the cheap.