Cinematic Cybperunk Adventure Game The Last Night Gets New Teaser Trailer

Cinematic Cybperunk Adventure Game The Last Night Gets New Teaser Trailer

In 2014, brothers Tim and Adrien Soret founded a studio called Odd Tales and announced their first project, a cinematic adventure game called The Last Night. The game began as a tiny flash game (taking only six days to make) that debuted at Cyberpunk Jam 2014, where it won. That version is still playable on, offering a promising, small taste of what is to come from the game.

Fast-forward to yesterday, and the team revealed it is partnering with publisher Raw Fury, who may recognize from games like Kingdoms and Gonner. Additionally, the pair released a new brief teaser trailer, showcasing the game’s very stylish, pixel-art Cyberpunk design.

According to the developer, The Last Night is a 2.5D cinematic game that forges ahead “on the path established by the greats such as Another World, Flashback and the Oddworld series.”  The game is set in a “rich post-cyberpunk world,” and is said to be inspired by Blade Runner and Ghost Shell.

The game takes place in an open-world, boasting 4 four unique districts, all with distinct cultures, architecture, and industries. You will be able to travel between district via taxis, ferries, or monorails, all in a “living” and “simulated” world, dense with crowds of people all doing their own stuff.

As for gameplay, it is described a combination of action and infiltration that varies, and includes things like driving down epic highways, flying drones, hacking androids to do your dirty work, and trying to remain undetected.

Lastly, the developer details the game’s characters as “diverse” and “complex,” who you will interact with meaningful, branching dialogue. The game will also contain many multiple-choice events, where you will have to choose from a variety of different responses that include running away, arguing to gain more time, or pulling out your gun.

At the moment, a release date/window has not been divulged, nor a price point, however Raw Fury has said that more information is on the way. Specifically, it wrote the following yesterday, accompanying the game’s new trailer:

“The story here is that The Last Night has been thriving behind the scenes all these years and now we’re preparing to show the world what Odd Tales is creating.” Later this year when you see how far The Last Night has come, you’ll know exactly what we mean.”

The Last Night is planned for a PC, Mac, and consoles release. Below, you can check out the new teaser trailer: