The Last of Us 2 Ellie Cosplay Captures the Woeful Grit of Survival

March 16, 2022

Cosplayer Sandra Miller looks prepped for the apocalypse in her incredibly realistic Last of Us 2 Ellie cosplay.

The Last of Us Part 2 may have released almost two years ago now, but it still remains one of gaming’s most talked-about titles. With passionate players, illustrators, and cosplayers, this game has garnered a truly dedicated community.

Now, with HBO’s upcoming live-action adaptation of the title, many fans have delved back into the game for another look at its characters. One of these fans is cosplayer and crafter Sandra Miller, whose photoshoots perfectly capture the apocalyptic world of TLOU‘s Ellie.



Ever tried to zoom in on a game screenshot, only to realize it’s actually an incredibly well-done cosplay photoshoot? That’s the level of quality across all of Sandra Miller’s cosplay work. Often taking up the camera herself or editing her photos, Miller is a true Ellie cosplay pro.

With gorgeous foggy skies, dilapidated buildings, and grainy visual texture, her Ellie cosplays demonstrate hardcore grit. There’s a real sense of how large and empty the world around her is, which is a testament to Miller’s editing abilities. The mood is either perfectly somber or dangerously urgent – a spot-on balance of tones not unlike the game itself.

Additionally, the combination of talented cosplay crafting and her own looks make her a dead ringer for Ellie. She slips easily into the character’s shoes, reminding us just how horrifying Ellie’s life can be. What makes her cosplays particularly eyecatching is her use of color; from pale blues to striking reds to unsettling greens, Miller shows off her artistic eye in every aspect of these shoots.

Miller has also collaborated with a number of talented photographers: France-based photographers Christiane Nakhle @chris.nakhle, S.Obre @mrswiffane and Clément of @clementb_photo. Both demonstrate an eye for dramatic framing, encapsulating the action of the scene with an expertly shot photo. It’s incredible to see how artists from different mediums can collaborate to create a remarkable scene!

Head on over to Miller’s Twitter or Instagram to see more awesome shots from her Ellie photoshoots! In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears open for any future coverage on HBO’s The Last of Us series. There are also rumors that a The Last of Us remake could be coming sometime in 2022 for PS5. So who knows – maybe we’ll be able to get our TLOU fix sooner than we think!

The Last of Us Part II is available to play on PS4.

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