The Last of Us 2 Fan-Made ‘Project Spores’ Receives Gritty Teaser Highlighting Ellie and Dina

June 30, 2021

A fantastic fan-made film that explores the characters from The Last of Us debuts its first teaser trailer.

The Last of Us Part 2 has reached in and touched people’s hearts for so many different reasons. Whether it’s the representation of the LGBTQ community, the way it has pushed the boundaries on how female characters look or merely the provocative and meaty storylines it provided, the Naughty Dog title continues to take the world by storm.

The post-apocalyptic game also brings in its fair share of highly talented cosplayers who love nothing more than dressing up as their favourite character, and who could blame them? TLOU2 provides such rich and complex individuals so slipping into their persona’s for a period of time is an experience on its own.


If you happen to be itching to get your eyeballs on HBO’s The Last of Us but just can’t wait until next year, a skilled group of cosplayers, photographers and creatives have put together a series called ‘Project Spores‘ which will delve deeply into the game’s unique characters as well as exploring elements of their life’s away from what players witnessed in TLOU2.

The series looks like it will release at different stages giving viewers a thirst for wanting to know more with a final “fan film” releasing on their YouTube channel. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long to get a glimpse of Project Spores’ first teaser trailer which showcases Ellie and Dina trying to survive from the chaos around them and a very realistic looking Clicker played by Raikiri also makes an appearance.

The short clip certainly delivers the overall aesthetics of The Last of Us Part 2 with its gloomy environments and tense camera angles including a very convincing Ellie played by opal_inkcosplay and Dina played by Sophie Pamment. Of course, we will also see the skilled acting and cosplay from Owen: @rebelwolfcos Abby: @Bey0ndBelieving Clickers: @raikiricosplay and @LaPetiteSpider Jesse: @digichai and Joel: @LyingcatCosplay

The fan film ‘Project Spores’ doesn’t, as yet, have an official release date but if you head on over to the projects Twitter page, they promise to keep hopeful fans updated as much as possible.


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