The Last of Us 2 Fan Recreates Ellie’s In-Game Journal With Incredible Accuracy

By Rachael Fiddis

July 6, 2021

Ellie’s journal in The Last of Us 2 is packed full of her personal thoughts and experiences. Now one fan has decided to make their very own journal that transports Ellie’s sketches and words to the real world.

The Last of Us Part 2 is a game that continues to provide long after its release. With so many details to discover and strategically placed Easter Eggs to be found, you can guarantee that in another year, fans will have found even more new and interesting features to showcase.

The Last of Us Part II – Official Story Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Official Story Trailer | PS4

When we aren’t displaying incredible cosplay articles from the game, a fan film or hidden Abby secrets, the artistic TLOU community never ceases to surprise us with their amazing dedication. This time, Redditor robertsimpson97 shows off their stunning recreation of Ellie’s journal from the title.

Simpson, who is from the UK and a part-time Graphic Designer, has been working on the journal for quite some time. With a goal of completing 20 pages of Ellie’s personal diary, they are currently sitting on page 13 that displays beautiful drawings and hand-written words that are identical to Ellie’s.

We get to see comparison images that show off Simpson’s artistic skills and how much attention they truly have put into this journal. Upon the yellow lined paper, we get a glance behind the eyes of Ellie and everything she has witnessed where she jots down her tragic feelings about Joel, her hatred for Abby and observations on the WLF.

I’m fairly sure that if this journal were ever to be published by Simpson, The Last of Us fans would gobble it up, myself included. It certainly would be a lovely treasure to keep from the game and also something intriguing to sit down and read to remind yourself of what Ellie was going through.

Make sure to keep a lookout on Reddit as Simpson slowly but surely begins to upload the rest of the pages to the journal. Only seven more to go!

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