The Last of Us 2 New Guitar Gameplay Leaked on YouTube

New gameplay footage from The Last of Us 2 leaked onto YouTube this week featuring Ellie and a completely playable guitar.

April 3, 2020

A new gameplay clip from The Last of Us 2 leaked onto YouTube Friday via the distastefully named channel “covid19”. The video has since been deleted off of YouTube but you can watch the full video here.

The total clip runs around two minutes in length. It opens with Ellie lifting herself out of bed while her bruised and scarred back is in center frame. She dresses off-camera and travels through the backstage of a theater which looks to have become a makeshift home for Ellie and her companions. Ellie pushes her way through the stage curtain and comes across a guitar leaning against one of the many red theater seats. This is when things get interesting.

While Ellie approaches the guitar she gets the option to press triangle and practice. Ellie proceeds to sit and play the guitar; however, this isn’t some guitar cutscene. It appears that Naughty Dog has programmed pretty comprehensive guitar gameplay into The Last of Us 2.

To the right of Ellie, there is a wheel where different notes can be selected using the thumbstick. Meanwhile, you can strum the guitar and play the selected notes by swiping your hand over the controller’s touchpad. Six different notes are displayed in the wheel at once, but you can press the right and left bumpers to switch between different chords. All this time there is an option where you can press circle and go back. I imagine this means you can sit there and play guitar as long as your heart desires.

I knew that The Last of Us 2 would be insanely detailed, but I find this guitar extremely impressive. In most games, a guitar like this might be a brief cutscene interaction. Conversely, Naughty Dog seems to have taken the time to program an accurate guitar simulation into the game; despite it probably being a completely optional interaction. I pulled out a Dualshock 4 of my own and quickly gave the control scheme a try. I’m not much of a musician, but swiping my fingers over the touchpad while using my right thumb to move the stick did provide a similar feeling to the few times I’ve played around with a guitar.

The video has since been taken down, but not before it amassed over 50,000 views and dozens downloaded it. This leak comes right after the announcement that The Last of Us 2 has been delayed due to the coronavirus. The Last of Us 2 was originally set to release late in May but is now void of a release date. Be sure to keep an eye on DualShockers for any future The Last of Us 2 news.


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