The Last of Us 2 Shows Hidden Cassette Detail During Ellie’s Birthday Flashback

January 19, 2022

This hidden detail from The Last of Us 2 will make you want to go back and replay it!

The Last of Us 2 is simply a massive game. No matter how much time you spend going around every nook and cranny in its vast environments, there will always be something you’ll miss. Naughty Dog has paid so much attention to detail in this title that new and interesting surprises keep making an appearance a year and a half on from release.

So, of course, one fan has found yet another hidden detail during The Last of Us 2‘s flashback sequence that shows off Joel’s cassette he got Ellie as a birthday gift before it actually happened.


If you’re a Last of Us fan, and I’m taking it you are because here you are, you may have already seen a host of hidden details already found in the game. Some of these include a Harry Potter Easter egg, a uniquely hidden Abby animation and a fun way to ambush the enemy during that workbench scene.

This time, however, Reddit user ImAFlyingShark has discovered a new one to add to the list. The incredible eagle-eyed TLOU2 fan spotted Joel with Ellie’s birthday present, a cassette, way before he gives it to her in that emotional space capsule scene.

Before Ellie and Joel get to the museum, the cassette can be seen poking out from Joel’s breast pocket. Although, the cassette can really only be seen when the camera is angled just above Joel so it’s no wonder many haven’t spotted it until now.

This new hidden detail just adds even more layers to Naughty Dog’s already impressive title that has captivated players since June 2020. And the fun part? there will be many more to follow as fans dig in deeper into the game’s stark and colossal environments.


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