The Last of Us 2’s Jeffrey Pierce Says the HBO Series’ Scripts Are “Breathtaking” and the Best He’s Seen

July 21, 2021

Jeffrey Pierce who plays Joel’s brother Tommy in The Last of Us franchise weighs in with what he think’s about the HBO series.

HBO’s The Last of Us series is well underway as filming begins in Calgary, Canada. So far, we’ve had a sneak peek at behind the scenes images and videos of some of the buildings and cars from the set itself on the streets of Alberta that has been remade to look like the eerie world of Austin, Texas from the game.

If you’re a Last of Us aficionado, you may have already heard that Jeffrey Pierce who voiced Tommy in The Last of Us and also in Part 2 will recur as a different character opposite Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey and Gabriel Luna in the HBO series. What we know so far is that Pierce will recur as Perry, a rebel in a quarantine zone.


Talking on a podcast with Katie and Lily K from ‘To All The Films We Judged Before‘, Pierce gladly discussed how he felt “over the moon” to be included in the TV show. Pierce stated that he read a couple of the scripts so far and that they are “breathing”.

“Every sort of piece of tone and texture of the game exists in the writing and then it’s 100 times more because you get to do so much more” Pierce continues, ” I think they are the best scripts I’ve ever seen in terms of the level of detail, the level of texture, the capturing of the essence of Joel and Ellie and all of the other characters. It is going to be phenomenal”.

You can check out the full interview below with the lovely Jeffrey Pierce where, besides HBO’s The Last of Us, he also discusses his second book The Reckoning: Book Two.

While it’s unclear when The Last of Us series will premiere on HBO, filming has finally begun with the hopes of it all winding up in June next year.


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