The Last of Us’ Art Director Nate Wells Joins Rise of the Tomb Raider Developer Crystal Dynamics

on December 1, 2014 7:25 PM

Nate Wells, whom you may know for his work as Art Director on games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us, has announced that he has join Crystal Dynamics today.

Wells first tweeted,”Wow, you can actually smell trees up here. #crystaldynamics #firstday” before updating his Twitter and LinkedIn account to confirm his new employer. Landing with Crystal Dynamics marks the third studio that Wells has been involved with this year after leaving Naughty Dog, briefly being a part of the indie developer Giant Sparrow before a short stint at the San Francisco based startup Missing Presumed Drowned.

Crystal Dynamics is currently working on Rise of the Tomb Raider, the follow up to 2013’s hit Tomb Raider. Only time will tell how Wells’ presence influences Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s art direction given that it is set for a Holiday release in 2015, or what unannounced future projects he may be working on at the Redwood City based studio.

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