The Last of Us Clicker Fan Art Made in Dreams Looks More like a Nightmare

Check out The Last of Us Clicker fan art project created entirely in Media Molecule's Dreams on PS4.

Who said that you can’t make your dreams a reality? Well, in Media Molecule’s game creation system you can do just that and allow your imagination to run wild. The studio even opened their doors for job opportunities for future game developers due to the outstanding projects people were crafting in-game. But one person’s dream is another’s nightmare as Reddit user and Dreams creator AncientHighs has proven all too well with their horrific The Last of Us Clicker fan art.

The sheer amount of talent in Dreams is truly ridiculous. I mean, I had a hard time with the most basic of shapes and to see folk crafting actual works of gaming art blows me away every time. AncientHighs, as they are known on Reddit, designed one of the best fan art projects I have seen yet in Dreams – the level of detail and texture is extraordinary and the most puzzling aspects of it is: how the hell did they do this? Thankfully, the creator of The Last of Us Clicker fan art goes into a bit of detail and states that they sculpted it all from scratch by using a selection of shapes with different blend settings to create models as you see in the picture below. Personally, I still haven’t a clue how this is all done but I’m just happy to bear witness to it and leave the creating to the real artists out there.

Apparently, it took AncientHighs initially a couple of hours to pose and block out the main forms then a couple of days on and off to do the fine details but after that, time pretty much faded into obscurity due to them being so hyperfocused on the project. For those of you who love to pour over every detail in art pieces, you may have spotted that AcientHighs The Last of Us Clicker creation is based in the same room where we saw Joel walk through the door in the first The Last of Us Part 2 reveal trailer.

While we are on the subject of Dreams projects, check out this ultra photorealistic project created entirely on a base PlayStation 4 by BadRobo82, creating all of the assets themselves and everything in full 3D – it really is very impressive. You’ve no doubt heard about Sony removing Mario from Dreams because Nintendo wasn’t too happy about their character being used for that purpose and then issuing a copyright strike. It just goes to show that even in a place where anything can be crafted, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should. Hell, we even saw a 10 years old fan of the game who, in between doing his homework, has begun working on Dreams 2 while in Dreams.

Most of us have a little extra time now so why not pop into Dreams and see what you can create? We at DualShockers would love to see what the community can craft in a time where keeping ourselves distracted means more than ever.

Dreams is available now exclusively on PS4


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