The Last of Us for PS4 With Enhanced Graphics Coming This Summer According to PlayStation Turkey VP

The Last of Us for PS4 With Enhanced Graphics Coming This Summer According to PlayStation Turkey VP

Apparently during a show on CNN Turk PlayStation Turkey Vice President and Market Manager at Sony Eurasia Sercan Sülün said that The Last of Us will be coming to PS4 with enhanced graphics and Left Behind this summer as discovered by NeoGAF user Quirah.

Around the 36:00 mark of the show, that can be seen here, the host was chatting with Sülün about the BAFTA awards, and asked the executive if we’ll see a sequel of The Last of Us soon. Sülün replied “No, a sequel is not coming right now as far as I know, but I can say that the first game will be released this summer for PS4 as a physical and digital copy, with enhanced graphics.”

Another NeoGAF user, Heavy’s Sandvich, also confirmed the translation.

While this comes from a Sony executive, it wouldn’t be the first time that a local exec gets something like this wrong, so I’d still consider it a rumor until it gets officially announced by one of the main branches of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Of course the move would make perfect sense, especially considering that The Last of Us achieved amazing critical success (basically overshading everything else at every award ceremony for 2013), sold over six million copies, and is generally loved by fans.

We reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment for a clarification on the issue, and we’ll keep you updated if they’ll respond with anything relevant.

Update: Russian journalist Anton Logvinov posted a small update pointing out to the fact that in February he had told on Twitter that he had “cool news about The Last of Us,” but could not say more back then. He expects the official announcement to come at E3.

Update 2:  the only reaction seen so far from within Sony comes from NeoGAF user DemonNite, that is known to work at the publisher, even if his identity is not known. He didn’t confirm o deny, but posted something tragically hilarious.

The way this news is spreading, it will probably end up like this…


Whether the information is true or it’s a terrible mistake, I surely hope Sülün doesn’t get fired. There are already too many layoffs in the industry lately.

Update 3: Sony Computer Entertainment finally issued a statement, that unfortunately doesn’t say much: “At no time have we announced that The Last of Us is coming to PS4 and therefore, have nothing to say on the subject.” Basically it’s the equivalent of a “no comment” so we’ll have to wait and see.