The Last of Us HBO Series Producer Weighs in on Sequel

The writer and producer for the upcoming The Last of Us adaptation weighed in on the much talked about Part II and called it "a remarkable achievement."

June 21, 2020

Craig Mazin, the Writer-Producer of the upcoming HBO adaptation for The Last of Us, was asked on Twitter to weigh in on the recently released sequel to the Naughty Dog title, The Last of Us Part II. He decided to give his thoughts in no uncertain terms:

It reassuring that someone who is currently working closely with the series director Neil Druckmann has such a love for the games, as that love will be reflected in the final product. Not only in terms of his passion itself being poured into the series but how he’ll break down and adapt those elements he loves — narrative, characters, and theme — into the script.

The Last of Us Part II sound designer also recently took to Twitter to detail the process behind voicing the various Infected enemy types, as well as crediting the talented voice actors who gave performances for them.

Naughty Dog has been in the hotseat for quite some time concerning its own issues with the unfortunately common industry “crunch.” According to Druckmann in a new interview: “We don’t try to babysit people. We draw people who want to tell these stories and who want to leave a mark on the industry. And they’re gonna work very hard to do it. We need to put some guardrails [in] so they don’t injure themselves, but I don’t think we could prevent them from working hard and still make the kind of games we make.”

For any newcomers to the franchise, or those who haven’t played Part II yet, Features Editor put together a guide of everything you need to know about The Last of Us. And here’s an explanation of when you can expect to see our own review for the title here.

Meanwhile you can check out some of the great works from fans of the game such as fanart paying tribute to Ellie, Joel and Dina as well as fanart of Ellie with Riley from the original The Last of Us DLC. There’s also some great Ellie cosplay you can check out here.

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