The Last of Us' hunt for the Role of Sam Gives Fans a Hint at Development Status


February 23, 2022

HBO’s The Last of Us is currently casting for the character of Sam which could mean that development is a lot earlier on than previously thought.

It was the year that every The Last of Us fan had been excitedly waiting for. Unfortunately, we had to put a pin in our anticipation as we won’t see the show until next year. Even so, it looks as though HBO is set to make their dive into the popular post-apocalyptic Naughty Dog game one to remember.

Of course, we have yet to see an official trailer but there have been plenty of behind the scenes sneak peeks of goings-on that has kept our eagerness at an all-time high. As we inch a little closer and production is back on the cards after the holiday break, HBO’s casting call for Sam could give us an idea of where the show is in its development.


The Last of Us Timeline

We know that there will be some changes to HBO’s The Last of Us compared to the game that so far includes the year of the Outbreak Day changing from 2013 to 2003, placing the show in 2023 instead of 2033.

But if they are following the general timeline of The Last of Us and according to HBO still on the lookout for someone to play Sam, it certainly shows that development is still very much in the early stage which, of course, makes sense that it won’t air until 2023.

In the game, Joel and Ellie were first introduced to Sam and his brother Henry fairly early on in Pittsburgh after Tess became infected and before heading to Jackson to reunite with Tommy. Although plenty happened before Sam was introduced like the Fireflies discovering that Ellie is immune and Joel, Tess, and Ellie evading the military and reaching downtown Boston, it still shows how much HBO have left to cover.

Even though the show has been filming since last summer, production on the project is still continuing at this moment, which means that a premiere within this year was always most certainly out of the question. So in going merely on HBO casting for Sam at this precise moment, development could be somewhere around Joel, Tess, and Ellie’s adventure in ruined downtown Boston.

We also know that TV studios can sometimes shoot certain scenes ahead of time and then fill in earlier scenes when they arise so that they are then pieced together so this could also be the case where they are actually further along.

Either way, with Neil Druckmann serving as the show’s executive producer, one of the writers and directors, fans can rest assured that the adaptation will stay true to the original game and we will all rip their hard work when The Last of Us airs in 2023.


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