The Last of Us’ Joel Miller Cosplay Will Make You Miss the Mighty Bearded Man Even More

The Last of Us’ Joel Miller Cosplay Will Make You Miss the Mighty Bearded Man Even More

The Last of Us' Joel revisits us in this fabulous cosplaying adventure by Lucid Vision Props that only makes us miss him more.

If you were around on Friday, you may have seen that Naughty Dog previewed some merch before Saturday’s “Last of Us Day”. Fans were shown a tasty line up that ranged from collectible Joel and Ellie figures, a new and free PS4 theme, The Last of Us Part II original soundtrack, and art done by famed Japanese artist Yoji Shinkawa, lead character and mecha designer for the Metal Gear franchise. Although nothing was mentioned about TLOU2 multiplayer mode, Neil Druckmann gave a slight hint in a tweet that The Last of Us 2‘s multiplayer mode will “be worth” the wait. While we are used to having to be patient for anything related to Naughty Dog, this incredible Joel Miller cosplay is ready for you to feast your eyes on right now.


Cosplayer and prop maker ‘Lucid Vision Props’ has taken the much-loved character, Joel, from The Last of Us and (briefly) The Last of Us Part 2 and made him come to life in this amazing cosplay. From the beard, Joel’s famous checked shirt attached with a flashlight and right down to Joel’s weapons including the pipe and hunting rifle, Lucid Vision Props is either a very big The Last of Us fan or they have studied the heck out of Joel’s attire as they’ve certainly nailed this cosplay down. To accompany this cosplay, Lucid Vision also made a short video showcasing himself as Joel wandering through the woods and some post-apocalyptic scenery before stumbling into a few bad guys, resulting in some melee combat sequences. Towards the end, we see Joel choosing between a bottle or a brick – the hard choice many of us who have played The Last of Us must face, but my choice here would have been the brick. Sorry, Joel. The final scene see’s Joel touching his broken watch, a birthday present given to him by his deceased daughter, Sarah.

You can check out the entire video below and if you’d like to, head on over to Youtube to have a look at Lucid Vision Props’ other videos or take a gander at his images on Facebook.

While you’re here and are most probably a The Last of Us fan, check out this incredible fan art poster by Twitter user @IconicNephilim who has created a piece of art illustrating the evolution of Ellie throughout The Last of Us Part 2. While not wanting to leave the equally amazing Abby out, here’s some fan art in the form of a mural appropriately painted right beside a gym in Wiesbaden, Germany. You may also enjoy this fierce cosplay of Abby by Nieke or this intense cosplay of Ellie facing off against some Clickers.

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