The Last of Us on PS4 Won’t Support Pre-Load; Naughty Dog Devs “Can’t Go back” After Playing at 60 FPS

The Last of Us on PS4 Won’t Support Pre-Load; Naughty Dog Devs “Can’t Go back” After Playing at 60 FPS

The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 is just little over a month away, as it’ll launch on July 29th, and there are good news and bad news about it.

As usual, we’ll start with the bad. Unfortunately the game won’t be available for pre-load, and the reason seems a little flimsy, explained by Digital Distribution Manager Chieh Chen in a comment on the PlayStation Blog.

Since pre-order for The Last of Us Remastered started before May 20, 2014, this title will not support the pre-load feature.

Chen also explained that “the pre-order set-up for this title is a little different,” causing it not to use the newly introduced pre-order features in the store (which for instance make the purchase button appear as “pre-order” instead of “add to cart”).

Moving on to the good news, looks like the good folks at Naughty Dog have been playtesting the game lately, and Uncharted 4 Lead Game Designer Kurt Mugenau seems to be definitely enthusiastic about the move to 60 FPS:

Played some #TLOU at 60 fps tonight for the first time (60fps cutscenes and all). Transformitive. I’m a believer. Don’t think I can go back.

Mugenau also reassured a fan that was worried about cutscenes losing the cinematic effect:

I was worried about the “soap opera” effect too, but in playing it, it’s consistent with the gameplay so it’s invisible.

Dynamics Artist Neilan Naicker also agreed with his impression on the multiplayer side:

That’s been my experience playing the multiplayer, I can’t imagine playing it any other way now.

Interestingly, not everyone at Naughty Dog is exactly on the same page about this, as 3D Environment Artist Anthony Vaccaro (you’ll possibly remember his awesome artwork we featured recently) commented:

MP I totally agree with 60 but single player I still prefer 30, feels more cinematic to me. Might be in the minority.

This is just another demonstration that the dialogue between 30 and s60 fps supporters is often bound to very personal perceptions and taste.

Personally, I always felt that 60 FPS is great, but not always the right solution for every game. In some cases it’s better to go for higher fidelity or effects. In the case, since it seems that Naughty Dog is paying the due genuflections to both frame rate and visuals, what’s not to love?