The Last of Us Part 2 Abby Fan Art Is Too Good Not to Share

The Last of Us Part 2 Abby Fan Art Is Too Good Not to Share

Abby from The Last of Us Part 2 looks stunning in this incredible fan art piece by Inna Vjuzhanina.

Currently, social media is all in a tizzy over that tall, magnificent lady from Resident Evil: Village who we just found out is called Lady Dimitrescu. To keep the hype going on strong and powerful women in video games, let’s check in on some fantastic fan art of Abby from The Last of Us Part 2 who looks incredible in this latest creative endeavor by artist Inna Vjuzhanina.

Inna, a freelance artist for a number of years from Ukraine, mostly paints fantasy pieces but this time we see her taking on Abby, the controversial character from The Last of Us Part 2. Inna states that she loves to tell stories through the viewpoint of strong female characters and enjoys nothing more than pushing deeper to explore this subject further; allowing these influences to bled into her artwork. In her latest piece of artwork, we see Abby with a mix of emotions sprawled across her face; regret and revenge comes to mind here. On her back, we see a gas mask and the butt of a gun as she’s about to take on the backdrop of Seattle in her thirst for redemption.


As always, Inna adds her usual coating of charm and detail in this art piece as she casts a beautiful sunset on the horizon which is in stark contrast to what Abby is about to undertake. I really love how the thin beams of fading sunlight slices through the city below whilst also highlighting Abby’s muscular frame. If Inna’s work looks familiar to you, it might be because of her last Horizon Zero Dawn drawing showcasing an incredibly vibrant Aloy. If you enjoy her artwork, you’re in luck as Inna has a host of paintings over on her website for you to purchase that include The Last of Us Part 2, The Witcher, Resident Evil, Game of Thrones, and plenty of other captivating pieces. Also, make sure to give Inna a follow on Twitter to stay up to date on all of her upcoming artwork.

To check out some other The Last of Us Part 2 fan art pieces, take a look at this one by David who sketched a beautiful poster of the game’s characters in the style of Ellie’s journal, or how about this amazing mural of Abby from The Last of Us Part 2 appropriately painted beside a gym or this really awesome mashup of scenes from The Last of Us Part 2 in Studio Ghibli’s iconic artstyle.

The Last of Us is available on the PS4 or you can jump straight into The Last of Us Part 2 which is available exclusively on PS4.


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