The Last of Us Part II New Video Shows Behind the Scenes Look at Development

The Last of Us Part II has received another new video that this time highlights how Naughty Dog approached working on the project.

Despite holding an entire State of Play stream yesterday dedicated to The Last of Us Part II, Sony and Naughty Dog today released yet another video on the highly-anticipated sequel much as it has done in weeks past.

The latest video in this “Inside” series that has gone on for The Last of Us Part II focuses on the development of the game and the work that Naughty Dog has put into all of the smaller details of the project. Appropriately titled “Inside the Details,” this new video shows less actual footage of The Last of Us Part II in action and instead reveals a lot of behind the scenes looks from development. The video again features key members from the team at Naughty Dog such as Neil Druckmann, Halley Gross, and Anthony Newman alongside appearances from actors like Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

The crux of the video focuses on Naughty Dog’s development process and how the studio places an extreme attention on detail. Druckmann discusses how the team does an incredible amount of research when working on their games which includes reading books, watching movies, and going on-location to various places in which their games will take place. Newman also touches on how new aspects such as giving names to enemy characters that you’ll come across in the game add a new level of detail and immersion that the studio has never done before.

Whether you like Naughty Dog or not, there are actually a lot of interesting talking points in this video that provide some neat insight into how the studio works on its games. If you’re at all intrigued by how games are often made, this video is definitely worth a watch.

The Last of Us Part II is set to release next month on June 19, exclusively on PS4. If you want to see more videos like the one mentioned here, you can also check out the previous two installments in this series about story details and gameplay.

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