The Last of Us Part 2 is Sony's Fastest-Selling PS4 Game in the UK Proving Boycotts Work

The Last of Us Part 2 steals the crown from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated The Last of Us Part 2 launched last week on June 19 and quickly became not only immediately review bombed, but also one of Sony’s fastest-selling PS4 games to date.

The Last of Us Part 2 has been in development for years and as it got closer to launch, it had to be delayed a few times. In its final delay, some integral key plot points were leaked with videos being shared around and “fans” becoming increasingly volatile online, actively spreading the leaks, stating the game would fail, and numerous players promising to boycott it at launch. Naughty Dog shortly issued a new release date and was able to stick to it.

Despite the backlash, the game has become Sony’s fastest-selling PS4 game to date as it blew sales records out of the water according to the UK Charts.

The UK Charts are focused solely on physical sales in the UK. This means that the game is the biggest UK launch for any boxed game of 2020 so far. Before that, Animal Crossing: New Horizon held the title, but Naughty Dog’s survival horror has seen sales come in 40% higher than Nintendo’s cutesy island life simulation. Can we call it that?

Prior to release, the studio announced the impressive list of 60+ accessibility features, deeming the game as possibly one of the most accessible games available. The review embargo lifted for gaming outlets and The Last of Us Part 2 had shot up past 95% on Metacritic.

However, the game’s launch saw the Metacritic page take a brutal review bombing. Only hours into the game launching, the user score, at the time of writing, still sits at 3.9. The majority of user comments echo the same issues with the game, touching on agendas being pushed by the studio, and a disappointing story.

While the game is finally out there, there is an HBO series planned to enter development. The series producer recently said that they’re on their second playthrough on the game. The Last of Us Part 2 is now available for PS4, and if you’re wondering where our review on the game is, you can expect it soon.

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