The Last of Us Part 2 Clicker Cosplay Is So Incredible That Even Naughty Dog Had to do a Doubletake

The Last of Us Part 2 Clicker Cosplay Is So Incredible That Even Naughty Dog Had to do a Doubletake

Clicker cosplay on point!

With all the news surrounding HBO’s The Last of Us TV series that has seen Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal taking the roles of Joel and Ellie, you would have thought most people have had their fair share of anything TLOU related. Thankfully, myself included, that’s not the case as fans just can’t get enough of everything post-apocalyptic that surrounds the pair, and who can blame them? As controversial as The Last of Us Part 2 is, it overtook The Witcher 3 for the most awarded game proving that despite outcry and tantrums, tackling tough subjects and moving outside the video game box is a risk worth taking.

Although The Last of Us Part 2 launched eight months ago, many encounters and feelings experienced within the game still linger vividly in player’s minds. One of the scariest experiences you can come across in TLOU2, other than that dreaded Rat King, is the Clickers who hover around buildings and houses making that awful noise that’ll make the hair stand on your skin. We have seen plenty of The Last of Us cosplay here at DualShockers but very few are as detailed and as realistic as this one by photographer Alon Levin and cosplayer Gull Sheer.

On first impressions, you’d instantly believe that this was a screenshot from the game itself. It even had the developers of The Last of Us Part 2 fooled. On Naughty Dog’s Twitter page the devs said “We had to do a doubletake to realize that this was a cosplay photo and not a screenshot.” I’m not entirely sure what kind of wizardry Levin and Sheer conjured up to produce this level of cosplay but whatever it was, it’s truly remarkable.

Check it out for yourself below and let us know what you think.



For those who haven’t dove head-on into the franchise yet and would like to know more about this iconic game before HBO’s The Last of Us series comes out, take a look at this guide of everything you need to know about The Last of UsThe Last of Us Part 2 is available exclusively on PS4 (and soon to be PS5).