The Last of Us Part 2 Concept Art Showcases How the Characters Have Aged 30 Years Later

May 17, 2021

Ever wondered what The Last of Us Part 2 characters would look like in years to come?

Can you believe we are approaching The Last of Us Part 2‘s first anniversary soon? It will be one whole year next month since we laid eyes on the horror that awaited us in Naughty Dog’s 2013 sequel to the post-apocalyptic despair of Joel and Ellie.

In The Last of Us Part 2, we saw how Ellie, now 19 years old, had matured into a strong young woman and also how Joel aged gracefully as his famous gruff good looks were now sprinkled with grey hairs.


As we begin to think of what Naughty Dog’s plans are for continuing the legacy that is The Last of Us, an extremely talented artist captures what Ellie, Abby, Dina and JJ could possibly look like as we forward the hands of time by 30 years.

How would The Last of Us Part 2 Characters look like in 30 years time?

Artist Edit Ballai Maximus has crafted some exceptional concept pieces of art that showcases environmental and character design from TLOU2 and how they would appear when aged by time.

Edit from Florida and a 3D/Concept artist posted their concept images to ArtStation where they state that “This project that I have been working on in the past 4 months, has started with an AI app about ageing characters and changing facial features, mixing and morphing characters to get new ones.”

Some of the art pieces include stunning environments coated in ivy and other plants as they lay in a state of beautiful decay, allowing nature to swallow them whole. My personal favourite is a sketch of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and of a swimming pool where white deer have paid a visit.

Of course, Edits character redesign of Ellie as she turns 49 years old is incredibly detailed, if not maybe a little too old looking for someone who is still relatively young. I guess she’s had a hard life after all!

A 50-year-old Abby is portrayed with hair and a scar on her chin coupled with broken glasses. I particularly love seeing how much JJ look like Jessie now as he turns 30 years old. There are many more characters to check out right here including a stunning one of Leta, JJ’s girlfriend, Dina and Tommy.

While it’s unclear when The Last of Us series will premiere on HBO, filming will begin this July, with the hopes of coming to an end in June next year.


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