The Last of Us Part 2 Fan Art of Ellie and Dina Is So Impressive It Looks like a Screenshot

A Reddit artist captures Ellie and Dina in an incredible piece of art that would fool you into thinking it was the actual scene from The Last of Us Part 2.

The Last of Us Part 2 fan art has been off the scales recently and we are by no means complaining about that. As much as the world being shut down due to the coronavirus has been chaotic, thus preventing people from leaving the house, it seems to have ignited a huge surge of creative talents within the gaming community. The gaming art that we stumble across just keeps getting better and better and this time we bring you a stunning The Last of Us Part 2 fan art of Ellie and Dina as they are just about to kiss.

Taken from E3 2018 Gameplay reveal trailer, Reddit user DY092613 crafted a breathtaking drawing of Ellie and Dina mid embrace. Using only photoshop brushes and a drawing tablet, they kept some pictures to hand of the scene and then documented the different steps they used while drawing this, finishing off with a comparison of the original screenshot of the trailer. This process came in particularly handy given that a lot of Reddit commenters weren’t convinced that it wasn’t merely a tracing copy or a screenshot with a filter used on it. The use of lighting and shading on the art piece is very impressive and just check out Ellie and Dina’s eyebrows, not to mention Dina’s strands of hair stuck to the nape of her neck with sweat, just like in the gameplay trailer. DY092613 also used the wonderful fading of the fairy lights in the background, giving a real feeling to their painting as a whole.

Although this is their first time showcasing their fan art like this on Reddit, we sure do hope it won’t be the last. With unbelievable talent to this standard, it deserves to be shown off as much as possible. You can check out the painting in the picture below as well as the process they went through to get to the finished product.

In some recent The Last of Us Part 2 fan art and making their Dreams a reality is Reddit user AncientHighs who stunned us with their awesome and horrific The Last of Us Clicker fan art all created inside the world of Dreams on PS4. If you’re more into cosplay than drawings or sculptures, check out Cristian Drake’s fan-made The Last of Us Part 2 trailer that’s so good, it looks like it came straight from Naughty Dog and it even got some praise from Neil Druckmann. Since we don’t get to wander outside as much now, LaTrickster2994 recently brought us an incredible aerial shot of downtown L.A to show us what we’ve been missing. The actual picture comes from Carl Lammi a cinematographer in L.A who took the image using their drone and instantly it reminded us all of the vast dystopia that’s showcased in The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2. LaTrickster2994 then gave it that familiar apocalyptic vibe simply by adding the words The Last of Us Part 2 onto the image.

The Last of Us 2 was originally set to release late in May but as of now, no release date has been rescheduled. As always, when any The Last of Us Part 2 news drops in, you can be sure that DualShockers will have it covered. Who knows when The Last of Us Part 2 will end up releasing now – we’re hopeful it’ll only be a couple of months behind – but in the meanwhile, we did recently get some new screenshots from the game to hold us over. If you don’t want to be spoiled at all for the impending launch of The Last of Us Part 2 (whenever that will bethen you’re better off not watching the latest leaked game footage showing Ellie playing the guitar and running around a theater. Although the video has since been removed from YouTube but not before obtaining 50,000 views and a mass of people downloading it.

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