The Last of Us Part 2 Inspired Drone Shot of L.A Gives Off Apocalyptic Vibes

The Last of Us Part 2 Inspired Drone Shot of L.A Gives Off Apocalyptic Vibes

Take a beautiful sunrise drone shot of downtown LA and then merge it with the horror that's depicted in The Last of Us - what have you got? Real-life, that's what.

It’s a pretty scary world out there at the moment where most of us are doing our best to adjust to the new normal way of living. With the nearly empty streets and highways that were once packed to the brim with cars and people going about their busy lives, it’s now strange to see how some of the survival video games we play aren’t merely confined to our television and computer screens and are now slowing seeping into our real worlds. To illustrate this, Reddit user LaTrickster2994 reimaged a drone shot portraying the desolate highways of L.A into something you would see in the apocalyptic world of The Last of Us Part 2.

While scrolling through Twitter, LaTrickster2994 stumbled across a picture from Carl Lammi who is a cinematographer in L.A and instantly it reminded them of the vast dystopia that’s showcased in The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2. Using a simple photoshop software, LaTrickster managed to turn a peaceful and ambient birdseye drone shot of downtown LA into an eerie and forbidding environment merely by just placing the words The Last of Us Part 2 onto the image; a simple but nonetheless a very effective one. What would have made this shot even more powerful would be adding some wrecked and rusted cars, overgrown vegetation and maybe even a horde mindlessly strolling through.


As much as I love The Last of Us feel here, I think what would also work is a Walking Dead theme – you can just imagine Rick Grimes trotting up that highway on his horse towards the city, surrounded in unused and decrepit cars. There are probably a lot of ways you could reimage Carl’s amazing picture into other video games, movies or TV shows but for now, at least, LaTrickster has done an incredible job at capturing a real-life shot and turning it into an apocalyptic hellfire.

If you found yourself being terrified by the clickers in The Last of Us, you might not enjoy this dress-up by making.amess.cosplay. As horrific as it may be, she has done a wonderful job at encapsulating the virus-infected, spore popping creatures with remarkable efficiency.  Sony is giving those who already pre-ordered The Last of Us Part 2 refunds after the game, unfortunately, had to be delayed again indefinitely.  If you had already purchased the title digitally, PlayStation is currently sending out emails to let you know that your pre-order is delayed and that your money should be automatically sent back to you or added as a credit to your PlayStation account.

The Last of Us 2 was originally set to release late in May but as of now, no release date has been rescheduled. As always, when any The Last of Us Part 2 news drops in, you can be sure that DualShockers will have it covered. Who knows when The Last of Us Part 2 will end up releasing now – we’re hopeful it’ll only be a couple of months behind – but in the meanwhile, we did recently get some new screenshots from the game to hold us over.