The Last of Us Part II Becomes Japan's Top-Selling First-Party PS4 Game for Launch Week

The Last of Us Part II is on pace to set a new record in terms of worldwide launch sales for PlayStation based on what we've seen so far.

June 25, 2020

If you somehow thought that Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II would only end up doing quite well for itself in terms of sales in western markets, well, think again.

Earlier today, the initial launch week sales for The Last of Us Part II in Japan emerged, and they ended up being quite high. In total, the game sold 178,696 copies in total in Japan, which given the size of the region, is actually quite impressive.

In fact, The Last of Us Part II did so well in Japan that it became Sony’s best-performing first-party title in the region in terms of launch week sales for the entirety of the PS4 generation. As noted by industry analyst BenjiSales over on Twitter, the only Sony-published title that ended up doing better in its first week in Japan was Death Stranding. That said, Death Stranding is more considered a second-party game from Sony given that the publisher doesn’t actually own Kojima Productions. Other than Death StrandingFinal Fantasy VII Remake was the only other PS4-exclusive to perform better than TLOU2 in its opening week in Japan.


When taking into these sales from Japan for The Last of Us Part II in tandem with those from the UK and other regions around the world, it looks as though Sony has a major winner on its hands. Considering the first entry in the series sold around 20 million copies across both PS3 and PS4, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that the sequel is doing so well, but these early statistics are even more staggering than we could have even anticipated.

Sony is likely to make a statement in the near future about the worldwide launch sales for The Last of Us Part II much as they have done in the past for other games like God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Horizon Zero Dawn, so stay tuned. Until then, you can check out our review of the game if you haven’t already.

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