The Last of Us Part II is Said to be Between 25 and 30 Hours Long

The Last of Us Part II's finalized game length has apparently come to light and it could last nearly double the time of the first installment.

Naughty Dog has openly been stating that The Last of Us Part II is the studio’s biggest project ever for quite some time now. However, what hasn’t been extremely clear is how that massive scope translates to actual hours in-game. Well, now nearly a week before the launch of the highly-anticipated sequel, it seems like we have a rough idea.

In a new report from GQThe Last of Us Part II is said to last between 25 and 30 hours. The article in question refers to this sequel as “Naughty Dog’s double album” that is essentially “two games smashed together”. If the final game does end up being this long, it would be nearly double the length of the original The Last of Us.

Previously, team members at Naughty Dog, specifically that of the game’s co-writer Halley Gross, said that The Last of Us Part II is about 50% bigger than the first title. As such, some estimated that the game would end up being around 20-22 hours as a result. Based on this new information though, it now sounds like the game could last longer than we thought before.

It’s important to note however that developer estimates when it comes to the length of games can often be inflated just a bit. Historically, whenever a developer says that their game is of a certain period of time, the final product usually seems to come a bit under that estimate. This notion could very well be disproven here with The Last of Us Part II, however. We’ll know for certain either way soon enough.

The Last of Us Part II is finally set to arrive next week on June 19, exclusively on PS4. For more on what Naughty Dog plans to do in the future, check out Neil Druckmann’s comments on what lies next for the studio.

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