The Last of Us Part II Will Apparently Feature Rapper Logic in a Character Role

The Last of Us Part II Will Apparently Feature Rapper Logic in a Character Role

Like Whoa, it looks like Logic is going to be involved in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II.

Here’s a sentence that I didn’t expect to write when I woke up this morning: Logic is going to be involved with The Last of Us Part II in some way, shape, or form.

The Grammy Award-nominated rapper and recent New York Times Best-Selling author for the novel Supermarket, Logic appeared in a tweet from The Last of Us Part II’s writer and director Neil Druckmann today which saw him donning full motion capture gear next to actor Travis Willingham. “Had a little too much fun brutalizing these two fine gentlemen,” read Druckmann’s caption for the picture.

Logic is a massive gaming fan and has long been vocal about his passion for the hobby. Not only has he in the past had a YouTube channel that featured him playing games like Naughty Dog’s original The Last of Us, but he has also directly mentioned games in the lyrics of his songs multiple times. In his track Super Mario World, for instance, Logic directly shouts out Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Naughty Dog is clearly one of his favorite studio, which doesn’t come as a surprise given the developer’s high pedigree.

As for what Logic’ involvement in The Last of Us Part II will be, it’s likely that he’ll just be playing a small role within the game. Considering Druckmann said that he brutalized Logic, he could very well play a character that you end up killing at some point in the experience, which would actually be pretty funny. Logic’s inclusion will probably be a subtle one, but it’s cool to see him get immortalized in a franchise that means so much to him.

Hopefully, we’ll have more to learn about The Last of Us Part II as a whole in the coming months, because it’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard anything directly from Naughty Dog and Sony. As of now, the game still doesn’t have a release date but it’s scheduled to arrive on PS4 whenever it does arrive.