The Last of Us Part 2 Coming to PC Doesn’t Seem Plausible Just Yet

The Last of Us Part 2 Coming to PC Doesn’t Seem Plausible Just Yet

Rumors have been swirling that Naughty Dog might be looking to bring The Last of Us Part II to PC, but don't put much stock in what's being said just yet.

In the fallout of the report that Horizon Zero Dawn could be heading to PC later this year, multiple other rumors have sprung up claiming that other Sony first-party titles could also be heading to the platform. One such rumor has that has started to gain major traction even claims that Naughty Dog’s upcoming release of The Last of Us Part II could even be coming to PC down the road. The only problem with this rumor is that, as of now, there’s not much credible to suggest that the game’s arrival on PC is in the cards.

The source of this entire rumor regarding The Last of Us Part II coming to PC stems from a job posting from developer Naughty Dog. The position in question is hiring for the role of Graphics Programmer on the “Game Team” at the studio. One of the requirements that is being asked for in the role says that candidates must have, “Thorough understanding of current GPU architectures (AMD GCN, NVIDIA CUDA).” Because of the need for this skillset, many have automatically assumed that Sony is now looking to bring The Last of Us Part II to PC, which is pretty far-fetched at face value.

For starters, just because Naughty Dog (or any company, for that matter) might be looking for a potential candidate to have a background in something doesn’t mean it’ll then be required on the job. Many job postings are often more broad than what the actual day-to-day tasks of many positions require. This helps ensure that the best candidates with the widest array of skills are the ones pursuing said positions.

Still, perhaps the one interesting thing that might give a bit of validation to this rumor is that there is another Graphics Programmer position available at Naughty Dog right now, but it’s associated with the company’s ICE Team. The ICE Team at Naughty Dog is one that “focuses on creating core graphics technologies used by all PlayStation developers.” What’s intriguing about this job posting though for the ICE Team is that it doesn’t mention needing the same GPU/NVIDIA specifications as the one for the Game Team does. What exactly does this mean? It’s hard to say, but clearly there might be a greater need for some sort of NVIDIA background on the game design team compared to that of ICE.

Even if Sony is looking to bring more of its first-party games to PC in the future, it’s far too soon to believe that The Last of Us Part II would be landing on the platform anytime soon. Heck, as of now, even Horizon Zero Dawn hasn’t even been formally announced to be coming to PC. If TLOU2 was set to come anywhere else besides PS4, a PS5 release would make far more sense before PC would. That’s what Sony did with the original game on both PS3 and PS4, anyway.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about what Sony might have in store when it comes to taking advantage of the PC market, but until we hear more from the company directly, you should take most rumors (just like this one) with a major grain of salt. All we know definitively about The Last of Us Part II right now is that it’ll land on PS4 later this year on May 29, 2020.