PSA: The Last of Us Part II Digital Preloading is Now Live

If you have already pre-purchased The Last of Us Part II, you're now cleared to begin downloading the game onto your own PS4 right now.

If you’re picking up The Last of Us Part II next week (which I imagine a lot of folks will be doing), those of you who might be snagging the game digitally can now actively begin downloading the title right this moment.

With The Last of Us Part II now officially one week out from release, Sony flipped the switch this morning that would allow those who have pre-purchased the game to begin downloading it in preparation. And if you’re currently on the fence when it comes to picking up the game digitally or not, well, you might be best served to make that decision sooner rather than later considering how sizable this download is.

In total, the full file size for The Last of Us Part II weighs in at a meaty 95GB. Depending on how fast your internet is, this is a download that might take some folks quite literally days to download. It’s also something that you won’t want to have to wait to download the night of release if you end up purchasing the digital version at that time, so it might be best to get things moving right now.

As for our own coverage of The Last of Us Part II, we currently don’t have a review posted on the site but it won’t be much longer until we do. We outlined our review plans for the game in a dedicated article right here earlier today and explained that we should have a written review, video review, and review discussion posted not too long after launch. Stay tuned in the coming days to hear more of our opinionated thoughts on the game.

The Last of Us Part II finally releases next week on June 19, exclusively on PS4.

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