The Last of Us Part II Release Date Listed for September on European Retailer’s Website

The Last of Us Part II Release Date Listed for September on European Retailer’s Website

Is this an accurate release date for The Last of Us Part II though? Probably not.

For years now, we have been left wondering when The Last of Us Part II will finally release. While the game was originally unveiled back at PlayStation Experience in 2016, we since have only seen the game in an official capacity a handful of times with no release window accompanying the footage that we did see. Now, according to a new European retailer’s website, The Last of Us Part II does have a release date, and it might be closer than you’d think.

As seen on the Slovakian website Pro Gaming ShopThe Last of Us Part II is said to release this year on September 27, 2019. The game is currently available for pre-order via this website with shipping said to take place as soon as it is in stock. It’s worth noting that this listed release date is indeed a Friday, the typical day of the week that Sony seems to launch most of its major first-party titles like God of WarDays Gone, and so on.

This being said though, there are some major red flags that seem to discredit this date’s plausibility. For starters, The Last of Us Part II director Neil Druckmann just announced a few days back that the game had finally finished all motion capture shooting, which means all of that said footage now needs to be placed into the game. To do not only do this task but then finalize all other areas of the game and proceed to ship it within the next four to five months doesn’t seem likely whatsoever. Even if The Last of Us Part II did release in 2019, September still just seems too early.

Plus, the listing on Pro Gaming Shop’s website has other details that don’t seem all that official. Most noticeable is the box art shown on the site, which absolutely isn’t real and is instead just a piece of concept art. The description of the game itself also comes off as if it was written in layman’s terms.

All in all, what I’m saying is that this release date almost positively isn’t the real one, so you’d be better off not getting your hopes up just yet. Even though retailers have leaked official dates in the past, there are just too many big question marks here with Pro Gaming Shop. That said, it does seem like The Last of Us Part II is starting to enter the backstretch of development, so maybe we’ll start to hear more about an official release window sooner rather than later.

Until then, The Last of Us Part II is still scheduled to launch exclusively on PS4.