The Last of Us Part II Latest Video Highlights the Game's Dangerous World

The Last of Us Part II has received yet another new video, this time focusing on the expansive world that Naughty Dog has created.

While a lot of things in the games industry have been shifting around this week, Sony and Naughty Dog’s commitment to releasing a new video on The Last of Us Part II in the lead up to release has continued.

In the latest edition of the game’s ongoing “Inside” video series, Naughty Dog has opted to focus on the world that The Last of Us Part II resides within. Much like the first game in the series, this installment is set on the backdrop of a dangerous world that is always out to get you. This doesn’t just include the Clickers and other groups of human enemies that are quite literally out to attack you in the game, but it also takes the shape of harsh weather conditions and natural elements that can hurt you, too.

Despite the team at Naughty Dog focusing on this rough world and how it is always endangering you, the developers also wanted to focus on some new aspects in this sequel. The Last of Us Part II features human encampments this time around, most notably with the city of Jackson. It is here that Ellie resides in the opening of the game, as do many other families and other everyday people.

One of the cooler aspects of this new video, especially if you’re someone like me, is that it features quite a few pieces of concept art for some locations in the game. We get to see some initial design ideas for the aforementioned town of Jackson along with some other looks at other regions. The developers also provide more insight into some of the many factions that you’ll come across in TLOU2 as well, giving you a better idea of who you’ll be taking on.

The Last of Us Part II is slated to release later this month on June 19, exclusively on PS4. For more on the title, you can check out Sony’s recent State of Play live stream which focused entirely on The Last of Us Part II.

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