The Last of Us Part II Seems to be Nearing the End of Development According to Co-Director

While we still don't know when The Last of Us Part II will arrive, Naughty Dog is looking to hire more staff members to help "close out" the game's development.

May 14, 2019

Another week has arrived and PlayStation fans continue to shout into the ether, “When, oh when, God, will The Last of Us Part II arrive?” While we unfortunately still don’t have a firm answer to that question, new information has arrived that seems to indicate where the game is at in its current state.

In a new tweet, Naughty Dog’s Anthony Newman, who is the co-director on The Last of Us Part II, pointed to the studio’s recent job openings. In the process, he stated that the company is looking to bring on more members to help finish the game. “Lot of awesome positions open to help us close out this game,” Newman stated.

While on first glance this might not provide a whole lot of valuable information about The Last of Us Part II, the fact that Newman specifically states that the studio is looking for help to “close out” work on the game likely means it’s entering the backstretch of development. That said, this final leg of work on the game could take any amount of time since what we’re working with is so broad here. Since games take so long to develop, even if The Last of Us Part II is in its final phases, work could still last another year or so. In the grand scheme of things, that would still be “closing out” development even if that final work takes longer than what most other projects do.

The larger question at play here though seems to be whether or not The Last of Us Part II could still release in 2019. As of now, Naughty Dog and Sony haven’t shot down this year as a potential release window for the highly-anticipated game. That said, I’d be pretty surprised if it does end up landing here. While not outside the realm of possibility for this year, 2020 remains the year in which I think The Last of Us Part II will personally end up finally releasing.

Even though Sony isn’t set up to attend E3 2019 next month, hopefully, we hear more about The Last of Us Part II and its release date sooner rather than later. Until that time, the game is still scheduled to arrive at an undetermined window for the PS4.

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