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The Last of Us Part II Player Found a Unique Way of Distracting Hungry Clickers

It's feeding time for the clickers in The Last of Us Part 2.

Note: Light Spoilers are implemented throughout this article regarding the Clickers in The Last of Us Part II and the embedded video shows gameplay and narrative sequences from early on in the game.

A week ago, The Last of Us Part II finally slipped into our lives and taking up probably a huge amount of it in the process. Whether the storyline was your cup of tea or not, there’s no denying  that Naughty Dog certainly hit the mark in making players feel strongly about the game which has always been Director and writer Neil Druckmann’s aim. If you have played the game by now you will have come across the dreaded ravenous Clickers who roam the many rooms and corridors of The Last of Us Part II’s world. YouTuber StealthGamerBR has found a pretty nifty way of distracting these fungus-infected creatures by throwing a poor, unsuspecting victim their way giving them a chance to kill them while not paying attention.

The infected in The Last of Us Part II is rampant throughout Ellie’s journey and sometimes they can take a little bit of thought to take them out effectively especially so when you’re trying to reserve ammo. Plowing into them like Tony Montana from Scarface usually isn’t the best solution where a more spectator approach is needed, at least until you study and get to grips with their nature as they are dangerous in close combat. StealthGamerBR who posts their stealth-like videos over on YouTube has come up with a crafty way to get a step ahead of the clickers.

In the video embedded below, StealthGamer stumbles across some enemies who they swiftly take out without any issues. Quick thinking comes into play as Stealth lures the last enemy by smashing a bottle against a wall which makes them go over to investigate and of course, the infected also want to see what this noise was. With the enemies back now turned, Stealth sneaks up behind them but just before they grab them, a well-placed mine blows up the first infected coming through the door which gives Stealth time to finally grab the foe. A clicker, hungry for flesh and annoyed by the noise comes bursting through the door as Stealth casually throws this poor fool into the clicker’s direction as bait. Meanwhile, as the fungus-ridden infected chows down, Stealth is then able to take the clicker out with a nice baseball bat to the head.

You can forward the video to 2.46 and then ending at the 3.13 mark if you don’t want to see anything before or after this particular event.

The Last of Us Part II has already and probably unsurprisingly reached over 4 million in sales and has become the PS4’s fastest-selling exclusive ever. Sony revealed the news on the PlayStation Blog today that as of June 21 the highly anticipated sequel has done extremely well in such a short space of time, overtaking PS4’s previous record holders, God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man. This news comes after we heard that in Japan, The Last of Us Part II became its top-selling first-party PS4 game selling 178,696 copies in total. If you ever wondered how The Last of Us Part II’s developers created those chilling sounds that The Infected make, you can check out Naughty Dog’s sound designer who delved into the process.

Have you found any cool and unique ways of taking out The Clickers? Let us know in the comments below and as always, please refrain from posting spoilers for those who are still playing the game.

The Last of Us Part II released exclusively for PS4 last Friday on June 19, 2020, and you can order the game on Amazon. You can also check out our review of the game if you haven’t already.

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