The Last of Us Part II Easter Egg Discovered After Clearing Grounded, Permadeath

The Last of Us Part II challenges players with Grounded and Permadeath difficulties and offers an Easter egg each as a reward for completion.

Players of The Last of Us Part II recently managed to find a new easter egg. Two of them even. A recent patch to The Last of Us Part II added two additional difficulties, Grounded and Permadeath. Beating the game on either of these new modes will unlock two new Easter eggs found in the ending credits.

Grounded is a difficulty setting that was first introduced in the Last of Us. It increases the game difficulty by “making enemies deadlier and ammo, upgrade, and crafting materials incredibly scarce.” The setting also removes listen mode.

Completing the game on Grounded, which is the most difficult setting, will unlock Joel’s interpretation of Pearl Jam’s Future Days. The song is heard often throughout the game, but you can only hear it in its entirety post-Grounded credit roll.

If you finish the game on Permadeath, Ellie’s version of Through the Valley plays during the credits. Through the Valley, which was written by Shawn James, was used in trailers and ads promoting The Last of Us Part II. Completing the game on any difficulty gives you Ellie and Joel performing Johnny Cash’s Wayfaring Stranger.

The Last of Us Part II has been one of the most controversial and memorable games of 2020. In a recent DualShockers feature, several of us included the game in our best of 2020 so far list.  The game has already been confirmed to be coming to PS5 and Naughty Dog promised us that multiplayer would be added at a later date.

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