The Last of Us Part II Ellie Cosplay Warns Us She’s Not Just a Girl and Definitely a Threat

Molza shows us why she's not a girl to be messed with in this fantastic The Last of Us Part II cosplay
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I think it’s fair to say that The Last of Us Part II excitement levels is spilling over at this stage due to fans eagerness to hear more about the upcoming sequel by Naughty Dog, but the studio is notorious for holding their cards close to their chests and revealing very little of what’s in store for Ellie in part 2.

At the start of the year, The Last of Us composer Gustavo Santaolalla added a spit of fuel to the fire by stating that The Last of Us Part II would “be coming very soon”. Whether coming soon is this year or next remains to be seen, but in the meanwhile, we can always fill our time with some gritty The Last of Us cosplay.

Things don’t come more gritty than this Ellie cosplay by Cyprus born cosplayer Molza. Here we see Molza capture Ellie’s iconic scowl to perfection as well as reincarnating her determined gaze as she mutters the chilling words “I’m gonna find…and I’m gonna kill…Every. Last. One of them.” With guitar in hand in one picture, Molza recreates the scene from the first The Last of Us Part II trailer that we all witnessed at PlayStation Experience in 2016 where Ellie sings a soft melody called “Through the Valley” which is in stark contrast to her harsh, threatening tone that follows.

Luckily for Molza, Naughty Dog caught wind of her stunning Ellie cosplay and featured it as a Tweet on their official Twitter account calling her reenactment of the kick-ass angry teenager “Exceptional”

It certainly seems that Ellie is a popular choice among cosplayers as recently Allie (@TheMarvelousMrsMiller) shared a few images of a recent cosplay where she also created Ellie which Naughty Dog also picked up on Twitter – those dogs can definitely sniff out some amazing The Last of Us cosplayers.

You can check out Molza’s Instagram page for current and upcoming cosplay activities

The Last of Us Part II is currently in development for PS4

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