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The Last of Us Part II Fan Art Pays Tribute to Ellie, Joel and Dina

As we get closer to The Last of Us Part II's release date, artists up the ante in some amazing fan art pieces.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that The Last of Us Part II releases on Friday, right? You seem like the kind of person that is already pre-downloading the much-anticipated title as we speak, ready to jump straight into it when the clock hits midnight and not leave your console for days – am I close? Well, just in case you have been living under a rock for the longest time, The Last of Us Part II arrives June 19 on PlayStation 4 and many of us couldn’t be more excited right now. When it comes to artwork, The Last of Us community is full to the bream with sheer talent and has been since the title’s first release all the way back in 2013. Today is just another day to showcase the amazing work that the community partakes in and this time we have a The Last of Us Part II poster dedicated to Ellie, Joel, and Dina.

Over on good old Reddit which is teeming with creative art pieces, user Klaus87 has come up trumps in their fantastically well designed The Last of Us Part II poster depicting the game’s main characters Ellie, Joel, and Dina. The poster feels super menacing which is exactly how many of the games trailers and screenshots have given off. Coated in a white background, The Last of Us Part 2s font is in a blood-red hue with Dina and Joel showcased in the same color. Ellie, however, is standing out in a royal blue shade holding a gun with a look of rage on her face which isn’t all that new given how she has been portrayed throughout the trailers. Klaus87, real name Jacopo Caporossi, has done a brilliant job here in creating something that looks quite simple but the tone of their art speaks volumes. This certainly could be a poster to put up on the wall of any fan of the game.

Maybe consider giving Jacopo a follow over on Instagram or rating this art over on Reddit – it’s already at 2.6k upvotes at this time of writing. Great job, Jacopo!

So much information and trailers have come out over the last few months regarding The Last of Us Part 2 that you may have forgotten some key aspects of what to expect when it releases. For an extensive and up to date guide on what awaits you, check out this article that delves into the story, who should play it, what to expect, gameplay length, and much more. As for our own coverage of The Last of Us Part II, we currently don’t have a review posted on the site but it won’t be much longer until we do. We outlined our review plans for the game in a dedicated article right here earlier last week and explained that we should have a written review, video review, and review discussion posted not too long after launch. Stay tuned in the coming days to hear more of our opinionated thoughts on the game.

The Last of Us Part II will release exclusively for PS4 this Friday on June 19, 2020, and you can pre-order the game on Amazon. For a closer look at some brand new screenshots of the long-awaited title, you can check them all out over at this article, and stay tuned for our upcoming review of the game after its launch.

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