The Last of Us Part II Is Listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ Section on European PlayStation Sites

The Last of Us Part II Is Listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ Section on European PlayStation Sites

The Last of Us Part II has been spotted in many European PlayStation websites under the "Coming Soon" tab that have, yet again, set the rumor mill in motion

It seems as though we don’t go very long without some sort of The Last of Us Part II’s impending release rumor, and today is no different. According to varies European PlayStation websites, the upcoming title by Naughty Dog is listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ section with games we know is launching in 2019 like Days Gone, Control, Rage 2, Mortal Kombat 11 and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and Blood and Truth. 

Obviously, Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet to say anything regarding The Last of Us Part II’s release nor have Naughty Dog, but the fact that it is listed in the “Coming Soon” category is a very interesting one indeed. Even though we all know that coming soon could literally mean anything but since it is bundled in with titles we will get to play this year does add some valid speculation that it could see a 2019 launch. The European branches of the company that has The Last of Us Part II listed are the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Italy.


The Last of Us Part II was primarily expected to release for the PS4, but due to the absence of its anticipated release date, fans started talking that the title could very well be launched onto PlayStation’s next-gen console system, but now with this new “Coming Soon” information, could we really see fans getting their hands on it this year after all this time? It’s worth noting that Naughty Dog is still recruiting devs to work on The Last of Us Part II so this makes it all the more confusing but, as with anything regarding its release date, it should be taken with a pinch of salt – at least for now.

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