The Last of Us Part II's Official Ellie Cosplay Guide Will Ensure You Stand Out at Halloween

If you fancy dressing up as someone very special this Halloween, Naughty Dog has your back in this detailed Ellie cosplay guide.

Halloween is that one eerie time of the year where you can be someone (or something) else entirely and don your most creative attire. While we see plenty of sinister and colorful costumes prancing around the streets on All Hallows’ Eve, Naughty Dog has announced the perfect outfit for The Last of Us Part II fans who are looking to channel their inner Ellie in a thorough and comprehensive official guide on how to look just like her.

Naughty Dog’s official guide features high-resolution renders and in-depth character designs where we see a close up of 19-year-old Ellie’s face in three different positions – front, left, and right profiles. These key angles highlight Ellie’s freckles, eye and hair color, plus her distinct scar through her right eyebrow giving the aspiring cosplayer a great idea on how to achieve the look. Naughty Dog has also added in some pictures showing Ellie’s face clean, dirty, and blood-soaked – covering all grounds on making this cosplay a very detailed and varied one.

As with a lot of cosplayers, it’s the little details that set it apart from the rest and this guide certainly goes into a lot of specifics, for instance, Ellie’s altered long-sleeve faded blue work shirt is shown where you can see each and every tear and stain along with her weathered blue denim jeans, worn down and dusty from riding horses. Of course, you couldn’t have an Ellie cosplay without her backpack, right? In one extremely meticulous render design, Ellie’s sun-bleached canvas bag that she uses as a quiver from her arrows and a holster from her rifle is shown. From its suede leather bottom to the tarnished pins tacked onto the front large pocket, the attention to detail here to outstanding and a blessing to anyone who wants to obtain this look right down to a T.

Ellie’s hamsa bracelet charm that was given to her by Dina is shown in high-resolution as well as Ellie’s right forearm wrap-around tattoo that covers her bite mark. For the first time, you get to see a comprehensive, up close and personal view of the head of the moth and wings in addition to the leafy fern that we first witnessed while Ellie was playing the guitar in The Last of Us Part II trailer.

There are a lot of key elements that make up the complex character that is Ellie and of course, her weapons come part of that package. Ellie’s small Italian mini Stiletto Bayonet is exhibited complete with wood handle and ivory inlay, perfect for cosplayers who love to wield weaponry as part of their attire. As well as the switchblade, Ellie’s iconic bow is displayed right down to the three bend charm hanging from the tip and the black and white feathers used to make the arrows. Last but not least, her walnut brown hunting rifle, that was mostly associated with Joel in The Last of Us, is laid out showing two different angles along with a long, curved bladed machete highlighting all the spots of rust through usage.

Naughty Dog has done an exceptionally detailed and in-depth job at completing this guide for any budding Ellie cosplayer that will, without a doubt, set you apart from the rest at Halloween, gaming events or any other time of the year. For more information regarding this Ellie cosplay guide, you can download the manual right here.

For those who want to know a little more regarding The Last of Us Part II’s gameplay details, you can check that out here or you can learn how Director Neil Druckmann plans on implementing difficulty settings and accessibility options into the title right here.

The Last of Us Part II launches on February 21, 2020, on PlayStation 4. The game is available for preorder on Amazon now.



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