The Last of Us Part II Outbreak Day Reveals Ellie T-Shirt, a New Vinyl Record, Joel Poster and More

The Last of Us Part II Outbreak Day has finally revealed an abundance of goodies for fans of the upcoming Naughty Dog title

on September 26, 2018 2:04 PM

Naughty Dog has been teasing us for a while with the impending Outbreak Day reveal with PlayStation also getting in on the action today with some huge discounts on The Last of Us add-ons for multi-player, bundles, and DLC content. With the teasing coming to an end, it has been finally revealed today what exactly Naughty Dog was keeping secret from the eager Last of Us community.

  • First up is a sullen black and white poster of Joel playing the guitar with a wolf by his side. Although in the poster we don’t see Joel’s face, he is distinguishable by his checked shirt and trademark beard. The poster is simply named The Last of Us: Outbreak Day 2018 and the artist’s name, Sam Wolfe Connelly with a price of  $45.00
  • A 2XLP vinyl reissue of the original soundtrack of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us which features all 30 tracks from Volume One of the soundtrack, with volume two coming early 2019. The artwork, as with the Joel poster, is done by Sam Wolfe Connelly and of course the music by the one and only Gustavo Santaolalla. The vinyl comes in either gram black vinyl or gram colored, depending on what you choose and is priced at $35.00
  • A huge host of characters from the upcoming The Last of Us: Part II in avatar form to download and use on the PS4. Avatars range from Ellie, Dina, Yara Avatar and many more. With the Ellie Avatar Pack being free, you can expect the rest to come in at $0.49
  • 36 stickers from the App Store featuring the likes of Ellie, Joel, Riley, Brock the Brick, Clickers, and others from The Last of Us, allowing you to express yourself via iMessage on an iOS device. Plus, it’s free!
  • An exclusive and official Ellie tee, produced especially to celebrate Outbreak Day with Ellie’s signature fern tattoo showcasing the front of the shirt, which comes in moth gray, but be quick as these sell out pretty fast! Currently priced at $31.63
  • Make your mobile, laptop or tablet pretty awesome with some The Last Of Us: Part II device wallpapers. The two choices are Ellie with her trusty rifle in the woods or a standard The Last Of Us: Part II title in bold white letters
  • Last but not least is The Last of Us Part II Ellie theme for PS4, which will look amazing sitting in the background of your menu screen.

You can check all of the content mentioned over on The Last Of Us Outbreak Day website and also, check out some pictures that accompanied the reveals below:


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