The Last of Us Part II Info Incoming in Late September Media Event

More information on the hotly anticipated The Last of Us Part II is on its way, with a media event planned for September 24.

September 9, 2019

There have only been mere scraps of news for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II in the year of 2019, but we may be getting some actual concrete news on the post-apocalyptic sequel quite soon. As revealed by the producer of The Game Awards and star of Death Stranding Geoff Keighley, Sony and Naughty Dog will be having a media event for the game on September 24 in Los Angeles. What exactly will be revealed is anyone’s guess at this moment.

To call the recent news on this game actual “news” is generous, as most of it is based on rumor. These tidbits include a rumored release date reveal during a State of Play (this did not come to be), a rumor of four different editions, and the possibility of a February 2020 release date. The public hasn’t seen any new footage of the game since E3 2018, with Sony and PlayStation as a whole not presenting anything at E3 2019.

The announcement of the event also didn’t clarify whether or not anything would be streamed to the public; why Keighley would publicize an event that only press has access to is beyond us without this information. As our editor-in-chief Lou Contaldi reminded our audience, DualShockers hasn’t been given much media access to Sony titles pre-release. Regardless, news about The Last of Us Part II will likely be disseminated through the press at that date, assuming this event isn’t broadcasted.

Along with a release date, fans of the first game are probably antsy about more story details. It may also be possible that Naughty Dog will reveal multiplayer details of the game then; it may be a hot topic, considering that Sony just ended online support for the multiplayer modes of Naughty Dog’s PlayStation 3 titles.

Be sure to keep up with DualShockers around that date for more coverage on The Last of Us Part II.

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