The Last of Us Part II’s Shannon Woodward Is Starting Up a Twitch Channel

The Last of Us Part II's Dina is taking up streaming some games over on Twitch.

If you couldn’t get enough of Shannon Woodward who voices Dina in Naughty Dog’s latest hard-hitting release The Last of Us Part II, you’re in luck as she’s heading over to Twitch soon to play some games for her fans. Shannon revealed that she’s excited to finally be able to hang out with other people since it’s been such a long time due to COVID-19. At present, Woodward is getting her stream all set up and ready to go live to the people but currently, there’s no word on exactly when that may be other than very soon.

Shannon has been a long-time gamer, eventually falling in love with The Last of Us which also helped to get her the part of Dina in The Last of Us Part II. In an interview with Variety, Woodward talked about being a huge fan of The Last of Us and having already played the game three times before knowing anything about the sequel. Later on, she bumped into Halley Gross at a party and asked Gross what she was currently up to with Gross replying that she was working with Naughty Dog. Being a self-proclaimed gamer and a fan of The Last of Us, Woodward asked Gross excitedly if she was working on The Last of Us 2.

“She just went really pale and was like, “I can’t talk about it!” And I was like, “Oh my god, I am such a big fan. You don’t have to say anything, but just tell [writer/director] Neil Druckmann that I’d die to have a line in the game.” Woodward continues “And we went back and forth for a couple of months and her being like, “Oh, he really likes ‘Westworld,’” and I was like, “I really like everything he’s ever done,” until a few months later, when she was like, “There is a role, but you have to audition.” And I was like, “Oh my god, you’re going to let me audition?” So then I auditioned, and then they hired me, and that’s how I like to say I stalked my way into being part of the game.”

Although some gamers will only know Shannon from being Dina in The Last of Us Part II, Woodward has had a very successful career especially so in TV shows. In the sci-fi western TV series Westworld, Woodward played Elsie Hughes who diagnoses behavior problems in Westworld’s hosts, as well as programming them prior to entry into the park. Previous to that, she’s also had a part in ER, Raising Hope, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Malcolm in the Middle, The Drew Carey Show, Clarissa Explains It All and many others including being a bridesmaid in Katy Perry’s music video “Hot and Cold”.

The Last of Us Part II has already and probably unsurprisingly reached over 4 million in sales and has become the PS4’s fastest-selling exclusive ever. Sony revealed the news on the PlayStation Blog today that as of June 21 the highly anticipated sequel has done extremely well in such a short space of time, overtaking PS4’s previous record holders, God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man. This news comes after we heard that in Japan, The Last of Us Part II became its top-selling first-party PS4 game selling 178,696 copies in total. If you ever wondered how The Last of Us Part II’s developers created those chilling sounds that The Infected make, you can check out Naughty Dog’s sound designer who delved into the process.

To follow Shannon on Twitch and to get a notification on when she’ll go live, head on over to her Twitch channel right here. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram where she will talk more about her up and coming streaming schedule so stay tuned!

The Last of Us Part 2 is available now exclusively on PS4 (and soon to be PS5). The game was one of DualShockers’ favorites of 2020; make sure to check out the official DualShockers (generally spoiler-free) review. Also, feel free to grab the game physically on Amazon to help support the site.

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