The Last of Us' Pedro Pascal says he's certain fans won’t be disappointed in the HBO series

Pedro Pascal is confident in HBO's The Last of Us

February 16, 2022

HBO’s The Last of Us looks set to impress as Pedro Pascal who plays Joel reassures eager fans and new viewers that he’s certain they’ll come away satisfied.

As fans sit with their fingers crossed in hopes that HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us will be faithful to the game, Pedro Pascal is putting all doubts to bed and that there’s no need to worry in an interview with German Magazine, Neelix.

In the interview that consisted of 11 questions which mostly covered topics on Pascal’s character in The Mandalorian and how if he wasn’t an actor he’d probably still be a “Chilean problem child”, he also went into some detail on his character as Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us.


When asked about what is next for his career, Pascal discussed his excitement in playing Joel in the TV adaption of The Last of Us. “Shooting has already started and it’s so much fun and something completely new for me and a great opportunity to show my fans a different side to me.”

The interviewer posed Pascal with the question that is the expectations of the fans a huge burden for the TV adaption? Pascal replied “I think the adaption is more than capable of competing with the game. I have absolutely no doubts that we will not disappoint fans and new viewers.”

Although there isn’t a sniff of a trailer for the HBO show at the moment, I’m pretty sure we should see one in the upcoming weeks. The hype from fans is almost at boiling point now so a juicy trailer, even if it’s short, will simmer the overflowing pot of excitement.

What we do know is that the first season of HBO’s The Last of Us will contain ten episodes with the first season following the first game. We also don’t have a release date as yet either, only that it will showcase this year. Here’s hoping a soon-to-be trailer will put an end to our speculations.


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