The Last of Us Director Neil Druckmann Laughs At Netflix Film's Apparent Poster Ripoff

The Last of Us Director Neil Druckmann has responded to claims that What Still Remains on Netflix has ripped off the poster for the game.

The Last of Us director and Naughty Dog Vice President Neil Druckmann has responded to claims that a Netflix film titled What Still Remains has marketed itself with posters almost exactly like the promotional material and box art for the critically acclaimed The Last of Us.

Twitter user Rob Trench took to the social media platform on Friday to jokingly point out the similarities between the posters of both What Still Remains and The Last of Us, noting that the film took a lot more than just inspiration from the game’s promotional material.

Trench also pointed out that the Josh Mendoza film is now streaming on Netflix, where it has been available for streaming since August 2018 . When you look at the two posters side by side, you can clearly see that the film’s poster took a large portion of elements from The Last of Us‘ marketing material. I did some digging into the film and noticed that this poster has not been used in months to advertise it, however. The filmmakers have since adopted a new design, which is good to hear.

Unfortunately, that did not stop the original artwork from making the rounds on Twitter – grabbing the attention of Neil Druckmann. In a tweet on Saturday, Druckmann responded jokingly with “Hold on… is this for real?” followed by laughing.

I stumbled across comments on the film’s official trailer from some months ago where people have been pointing out the artwork’s, and even the movie’s, similarities since this tweet was posted. You can read them below. I was planning on sitting down and watching the film, but it’s not available on Netflix in my region. If you want to go endure what the majority are calling a “boring” post-apocalyptic flick then be my guest. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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