The Last Sky, an Atmospheric Adventure Game That Deals with PTSD, Arrives on Steam This Month

The Last Sky places players into the shoes of Jake, a PTSD-afflicted air force veteran, as he faces the demons of his past.

Developer and publisher Little Guy Games have been hard at work putting together the final pieces of their surreal and atmospheric adventure title The Last Sky and thankfully, they are pleased to announce that they can finally showcase their game this month through Steam. The Last Sky combines 3D puzzles with 2D platforming that aims to explore a narrative-focused game with the topic of mental health being its anchor.

The player assumes the role of Jake, an ex-soldier who suffers from PTSD. As he struggles to come to terms with his illness, Jake seeks the help of a local Shaman who takes him on a dream-like journey of self-discovery, acceptance and learning how to live again. With thought-provoking puzzles embedded throughout, full controller support and an atmospheric soundtrack, The Last Sky promises to take players on an adventure of the heart as well as the mind.

On the player’s voyage throughout The Last Sky, they will stumble across Jake’s memories, some which have been locked away and others he remembers fondly, taking players back to a happier time in his childhood. As players solve more puzzles they’ll also explore more of Jake’s subconscious, taking them into a surreal dream state where time, space, and reality meld together.

Features included in The Last Sky:

  • Narrative-driven – hear Jake’s recollections as he faces the choices of his past.
  • Surreal scenes – guide childhood Jake through a dream-state where time and reality are suspended.
  • Interactive puzzles – search through Jake’s surroundings to piece together moments of his past and progress through his inner journey.
  • Choice-driven – shape Jake’s path of self-discovery and acceptance through dialogue choices.
  • Explore – venture through Jake’s subconscious with 3D puzzles and 2D platforming.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack – an original soundtrack immerses players in Jake’s dream-state.

The Last Sky will be arriving on PC later this month. Although no exact date has been announced just yet, we will keep you up to date on any further news. In the meantime, you can find out more about the game by heading over to the official website or by checking out the trailer and some beautiful screenshots, below.

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