The Last of Us: Part II Apparently Contains Pig Motion Capture Work

The Last of Us: Part II Apparently Contains Pig Motion Capture Work

Naughty Dog is stepping up its motion-capture game for PS4 exclusive The Last of Us: Part II.

Are you tired of unrealistic pigs? Have you been wondering why video games aren’t employing the top-notch pig actors and actresses? Me too. Luckily, developer Naughty Dog isn’t skimping out on the finer details, and will be deploying it’s industry-leading motion capture work in the upcoming The Last of Us: Part II not only with humans, but our favorite barnyard buddies: Pigs.


Details have been scarce about The Last of Us: Part II since its surprise announcement at PSX 2016. In fact, beyond confirmation that Westworld actress Shannon Woodward is working on the game, details have been very scarce recently.

And that should come as no surprise: after all the game is likely quite a way off, and Naughty Dog has the August-bound Uncharted: The Lost Legacy dominating much of its conversation. But today, we likely got the most important tidbit about the game: there is a motion-captured pig, apparently, which almost beautifully showcases Naughty Dog’s attention to detail and dedication to visual perfection.

The news comes via Director Neil Druckmann and writer Halley Gross (writer for Westworld and on The Last of Us: Part II) who posted about the moting-capturing pig yesterday.

It’s worth noting that neither included any mention of The Last of Us: Part II in their tweets, but unless this is for some unannounced game, it has to be for said game. It’s also possible this is some type of joke, and maybe someone just brought in their pet pig to work that day, but I’m hoping this isn’t the case. The idea of Motion-captured pigs makes me happy.

The Last of Us II is in development for the PS4. A release date/window has yet to be divulged.